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Hospitality is the heartbeat of our work

There’s nothing I like more than getting together with friends around a table, sharing food and conversation. Sue and I are blessed to live in a lovely home with plenty of space to offer hospitality. Meals are shared around our second-hand BHP Newcastle work desk that years ago we transformed…
Stu Cameron

Church and a Six Pack

Decades ago, one of my Superintendent predecessors, Rev Alan Walker, initiated what is now our Easter Mission. Over the years Easter Mission has been expressed in various ways, including celebration services hosted in drive-ins, Darling Harbour spectaculars, Easter Sunrise service broadcasts from the Opera House and of course, our Easter…
Stu Cameron

Celebrating Wesley David Morgan Centre

This week’s Soft Hearts is blessedly short of words. I simply implore you to watch a 5-minute video which was broadcast nationally on A Current Affair around 10 days ago. It features our very own Wesley David Morgan Centre (DMC), dubbed ‘Australia’s Happiest Workplace.’ I dare you to watch it…
Stu Cameron

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What fills your cup?

What fills your cup? What energises you? What replenishes your soul?  I’ve shared before that reading is a life-giving rhythm for me. As a kid, I was so keen I’d read the back of the cereal packet (Weet Bix) at the breakfast table. Over and over again. I’ve always loved…
Church stock imageWriting

Repentance before Revival

For all but seven years of my 40-year working life I’ve served in roles in the Uniting Church in Australia - as a lay person and as clergy, in four states and in denominational and congregational settings - and now a congregation/agency role at Wesley Mission. It’s been a wild…

Happy new year!

Happy New Year! Almost a month into 2024, with the summer holidays drawing to a close, that greeting almost feels redundant now. But given this is my first ‘Soft Hearts’ newsletter for 2024, and my first opportunity to share something of my heart with you this year – it still…

Churchill Leadership Lessons

I’ve just finished reading Andrew Robert’s magisterial biography of Winston Churchill, a 982-page account of a life so astonishing I had to remind myself repeatedly it wasn’t fiction, but true history. There’s so much to learn from the story of this remarkable, complex man – especially for those of us…
Phillip Yancey recommendationWriting

Learning from The Stories of Others

This past year I (re)discovered the beauty and power of well written biography, autobiography and memoir. It began with Philip Yancey’s ‘Where the Light Fell’, a bracing and refreshingly unsentimental articulation of especially the childhood of one of my favourite Christian authors. Then it was the astonishing, ‘Faith, Hope and…

Not many love the Christmas season more than Sue.

Not many love the Christmas season more than Sue. Our house is adorned with the obligatory Christmas Tree, but also not simply one, but four nativity scenes, as well as assorted reindeer, stars and other decorations. We’ve come into the city to see the lights in Martin Place, and the…

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Looking for Messages?

Here’s a selection of sermons and keynotes from Stu.

Stu Cameron, CEO & Superintendent | Wesley Mission

Anointing Sunday

Stu shares a message on Wesley Mission’s ‘Sprit-led Vision’ to a gathering of combined congregations, ‘wherever the river flows, life abounds’.
MOVE | A Four Week Series

MOVE: Obeying God

The goal of our MOVE campaign is to encourage all of us across our Wesley Mission congregations to respond to the call of God – together.
MOVE | A Four Week Series

MOVE: Hearing God

The goal of our MOVE campaign is to encourage all of us across our Wesley Mission congregations to respond to the call of God – together.
Stu Cameron Preaching

The Crown

"Till we cast our Crowns before thee..." We did not come to pay our respects to a dead monarch, but to praise and worship a crucified and risen King!
Stu Cameron is CEO and Superintendent, Wesley Mission.
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