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210 years ago, three men gathered in The Rocks and today we gather here. From little things, big things grow.

If every one of those 210 years is a page in our history, today we look back and we celebrate the story God has been writing in and through Wesley Mission – stories of salvation and redemption, hope and heroism, perseverance and resilience, miracles and milestones – stories of God’s faithfulness and power.

Today we look back and we celebrate all God has done, and today we look forward and we anticipate all God will do as new pages in our story are written and new stories told.

If this next chapter in the unfolding story of Wesley Mission has a title, especially for our congregational expression, it would be this. Building on the foundation that has been established across our 210-year history, God is calling us to be a Spirit-led Disciple-making movement.

For more than two centuries, God’s faithfulness towards us has been proven again and again, including in our current season. We have much to be grateful for and a great God to celebrate! Watch as Rev. Stu Cameron shares his heart and vision for the next season. Hosted by Wesley International Congregation.


Wesley Mission’s 210th Anniversary Service


Rev. Stu Cameron

Sermon Title

A Spirit-led Disciple Making Movement.

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